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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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coming up on kron four news. is san francisco finally ready to deal with drunks on city streets? the police chief says yes. he's borrowing an idea from san diego. and the search for the popular bay area baseball coach who's accused of molesting his young players. the news is next.
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save up to 40% on closeout sets from beautyrest and posturepedic. save hundreds on floor samples and closeout inventory. but hurry, the beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ new tonight at 11. all of treasure island - without power tonight. this after a bird flew into a power line. officials restored power just before 10 p-m. treasure island has been plagued with power outages in recent months. san francisco power officials, who provide
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electricity to the island, have been working to upgrade the aging system they inherited from the navy. there were more than forty outages last year. also new at 11. san francisco police will soon change the way they deal with people chronically drunk in public. kron four's jeff bush shows you how bad the problem is and the new tactics police will be using. >> reporter: unfortuntatly, this is a fairly common scene in certain parts of the city. people passed out on the sidewalkdrunk. police say these chronic inebrients cost the city a lot in time and money. >> they sometimes have to be medically transported and if they are a chronic drunk this could happen on a daily basis. we have to respond, the paramedics have to respond and take them to
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the hospital because they cannot stand on their own and are incapacitated. >> reporter: traditionally, these chronic inebriates would get an infraction and offered treatment programs. we don't want them out on the street but we want to provide them with the service they need. sometimes it's effective and sometimes they don't want it. but, the tough love hammer is coming soon. the city is taking a page from the san diego playbook and will charge chronic inebriates with a misdemeanor if they are picked up for public intoxication more than five times in a month which means they would stay in jail and go through the criminal justice system. the judge would give them a mandate to take drug treatment or aa and as long as they do that they won't be in violation. police say they are trying to accomplish two things with this new programone, to get chronic inebriates off the street and, two, to get them the help they need. the new program goes into effect on may first. i'm jeff bush at the hall of justice in san francisco, kron four news.
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serious accusations could cost two oakland city council members their jobs. both elected officials are said to have used their power to influence city business. and as kron 4's grant lodes reports, this news comes after an oakland city auditor released a report.which details improper behavior from 2009 to 2012. >> reporter: the council members accused of wrongdoing: desley brooks and larry reid. the audit claims there were 14 instances in which councilmembers or their aids violated the city's charter. among the findings: both are accused of directing staff members to use a specific contractor for the oakland army base demolition project. that contract.worth about 2 million dollars. the audit also alleges that one of reid's aids directed parking officials to fix two of the aid's personal parking tickets. as for brooks: the audit says she interfered in the management and renovation of two oakland recreation centers. including.selecting contractors, negotiating
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contracts, directing staff to process contracts, setting project deadlines and hiring staff. she's also accused of theratening to remove a city employee from a project. the report indicates there's a general culture of interference within the city. the auditor says more than 40 employees were interviewed, and thousands of councilmenbers and aid's emails and phone calls were reviewed for this audit.. that was grant lodes reporting. as for potential consequences: the d-a's office and a state political fairness commission will review the case. if the council members are charged and *convicted -- they'll immediately lose their jobs. oakland city council member larry reid has sent the city auditor a written response. reid is denying the audit's accusations council member brooks was not available for comment.
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>> jacqueline: it certainly
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was a beautiful day. highs in the upper 60s. 66 in livermore. 67 in santa rosa. notice near the coast temperatures are cooler and the '50s. the satellite and radar showing the clear conditions and it will stay clear and breezy. warmer tomorrow and for the weekend. >> thieves in burlingame are using a-t-m skimmers to steal money and information. police tell kron four's philippe djegal that the robberies are happening. at one particular a-t-m. without customers having any idea. >> "victims were able to come up there and transact business with the atm as normal.and, then later that skimmer would be removed,,, and, then the information garnered from that skimmer was used to commit fraud." >> reporter: so, by the time
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you the customer, approach the a-t-m. you are already a victim. once you've pulled out your card and insert it into the machine. the skimmer will then read all of your information. so, yes, you walk away with your money. but the theives walk away with all of your information. >> "we know for sure that that skimmer was used on january 26th, january 27th and then again on february 3rd." this is an example of an a- t-m skimmer. the one on th bottom is the fake. the one on top is the real card reader. tough to tell the difference between the two. and, the hillsborough police department says it doesn't take long to set a skimmer up. in some case, captain doug davis says the theives can snap a skimmer onto an a-t- m in a few minutes. which may have been the case at this burlingame u-s bank a-t-m on burlingame avenue. captain davis says at least two burlingame and hillsborough residents are victims of this scam. robbed of an undisclosed
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amount of money. but he says there could be more victims. the hillsborough and burlingame police departments of working on this investigation together. investigators have not released any suspect information. in burlingame, philippe djegal, kron four news. coming up. police are scouring the bay area for a baseball coach accused of molesting his players. plus, a personal watercraft.that you can carry. how a bay area inventor has turned his dream into a reality. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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tonight the baseball coach wanted for a half dozen sex crimes on teens is still on the loose. kron 4 has dug up new court documents that detail the
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charges against him. as kron 4's j.r. stone reports, the suspect faces 6 charges.for incidents taking place within the past seven years. vallejo police have released a sketch of a man suspected he is accused of sexual penetration of a drug person in phoenix arizona. these happen between 2005- 2012. these happened and this town where he lives. >> jacqueline: rain is gone, which more war britain
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of trying to assault and abduct a woman take a look. he's 5 feet 10 inches tall and about 210 pounds. he drives a 1995 to 2000 silver or gray 2-door acura integra with gray primer on the rear bumper and fender area. he grabbed the woman and woman move her to a nearby creekthe women fought back and escaped this all happened around 3:30pm on hanns park trial. criminal charges have been filed against the woman who lied about being raped on the u-c santa cruz campus. the d-a says-- u-c santa barbara student morgan triplett, is charged with giving false information to police. triplett claimed that she had been beaten and then sexually assaulted by a stranger on february 17th. she'll be arraigned within the next week in the santa cruz county superior court. in less than a week -- cash will be a thing of the past at the golden gate bridge.
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wednesday -- all electronic tolling goes into effect. toll takers will be a thing woman who has been collecting tolls for 22 years and is getting ready to work her last shift. >> it is an end of an era. i will be sad and miss all of the people that i have come to know and love. people think that we just take money but we have had translators and helped people with emergencies. we are collecting friends. i have co-workers are just like family. the people that have gotten on the day shift. sometimes they are the first person that you see. and if you say good morning and you can brighton appears. by saying the look nice. that necktie it looks
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nice. i'd like threatening of somebody's and bringing a smile to their face. >> catherine: there were 28 toll takers when the bridge district started phasing in the new system in 2011. since then all but nine have retired or taken other jobs in the district. the woman we talked to says she'll take this opportunity to start her own business. >> jacqueline: 70's expected on sunday. breezy along the coast plenty of 40's. in fact it will be even 70's for the north bay and the south bay. and i take even the inland valleys. temperatures in your neighborhood upper '60s and '70s. '70s in cupertino. and
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for the east bay in the valleys low 70's. with low mid 60s. 65 in union city. near the coast clinging to the coast. 62 in san francisco and a range of 70's for the north bay. the calls will be clearing and a nice spring day. temperatures will be cooler with 40's and 50's. a look at your local extended forecast with warmer weather with cooler weather for the weekend and even the chance of rainfall returning wednesday and thursdayand remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines it's on comcast 193 and you
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ncaa tourney time - and st. mary's season comes down one shot at the buzzer gary has that story straight ahead plus - cal battles u-n-l-v at the hp pavilion in san jose. the winner moves on, the loser goes home. gary has the highlights, and all the sports, next!
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ncaa - cal/unlv hp pavilion mike montgomery lost to unlv at home early in the season 2nd half/ 43-37 cal allen crabbe gets in the lane and banks in the tough floater 45-37 cal
11:28 pm
justin cobbs nails the 3- pointer from the corner 48- 37 cal then big robert thurman goes crazy thurman with the dunk off the cobbs pass. thurman with the offensive rebound and dunk thurman with the dunk off the crabbe pass thurman 4th straight dunk he averaged 4.5 points this season but scores 12 points on 6 dunks was 6-of-6 from the floor but unlv not done anthony bennett with the put back and he is fouled to cut the cal lead to 60-58 with 14 seconds left bennett: 15 pts, 11 reb cal made only 4-of-8 free throws in the last 13 seconds but unlv's desperation heave to tie it is well short montgomery and the 12th seeded bear upset the 5th seeded rebels final: 64-61 cal
11:29 pm
st. mary's vs. memphis in auburn hills, mi randy bennett pregame hand shake with memphis head coach josh pastner 1st half joe jackson - goes coast to coast for the layup and the foul 22-13 mem jackson: 14 points, 7 rebs, 7 asts 1st half jackson - ally oop to d.j. stephens who throws it down stephens: 9 points, 8 blocks! 2nd half,:03 left, st. mary's down 5 eividas petrulis - banks in a 3-pointer to pull the gaels to within 2 points 54- 52 mem ensuing inbounds- memphis turns it over to st. mary's with less than:02 left as the st. mary's bench loves it! matthew dellavedova - at the buzzer for the w